Sunny now lives with his father Cher and his trouble brother, a cat.  He has stayed here in Flushing. Thanks Cher. 
This little boy, beer, is now with a really nice family and has matured beautifully.  We see him often... Many thanks to the Yu family.
Marley, has a big brother that treats him like a son, and Marley is learning everything from him. Miss you bunches..Thanks, Guadalupe.
Triston Maxwell-Barkley is right here in Flushing and is always happy to visit.  He's turning into a fine lad. Thank you, Maxwell-Barkley family.
Gianni has a great home here in flushing with a big brother dachshund.  Getting along great! Thanks,

Puro, our handsome man went home to a beautiful family. that loves him so much.  He has a nice brother to play with.  Thanks, Liliana.

Lupita, our little girl chihuahua, finally went home.  She has two other chihuahuas to play with at her home. We miss her bunches..Thanks, Hongxia 

This handsome boy went to our neighbor here in Flushing.  He only stayed with us a few days, but he was full of fun.  Such a mush...Thanks, Zhang family.

Sky, a handsome and full of spunk poodle went to the Sampen family.  He is learning well and very smart. Miss you little guy...
Buddy!! The tiger cocker spaniel, is also here in Flushing.  He went to a nice couple that love him alot.  Thanks, Praise.
This is Slinky. This little maltipoo went to a great home here in Flushing.  He has a nice family that we see often. Thanks to the O'Reilly family.
Yoyo, our silky terrier, is now in Elmhurst with his big brother Bebe.  Doing good on potty training..We miss you bunches. Thanks Ming.
Charlie, cavalier king charles spaniel, stayed right here in flushing! He's enjoying his new family with his new mom and grandparents.. Happy Sweet Sixteen.  Thanks to all the Toomer family. 

Roxy, our pom, is now living in Brooklyn.  Still learning but bringing lots of joy and happiness to Yuette and her daughter.  Thanks alot.

Betty, westipoo, is now enjoying lots of open space in Ohio.  Lots of room to play with her new big sister Widgey.

Thanks Nath.

Hive five Brownie, our little chihuahua, is close to us too!. So we'll see him alot.  Enjoying his new family right here in Flushing. Thanks Rahul.

Our Maltipoo, Lillo, found a great home in Whitestone.  He just came for his first haircut and is growing up just fine. Thanks Catherina.

All Of Our Babies We Remember And We Thank You All For Giving Them A Good Home....
God Bless You All!